I am in this universe, the universe is in me

Our brain has everything we can ever get access to. Some people believe that they have average or low IQ since birth, which is a misconception. We bear the race borne memories, called instincts. All the lessons we learned from our ancestors.  We carry all the future innovations in our brain. Everything that has happened... Continue Reading →

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“change is not a task of millions, it’s a task for everybody, all the ones living on this planet, it is to be done by everyone, collectively & individually.” Think, please. The planet needs your thoughts, your energy. Just because so many people already supporting a justified issue, that doesn’t make the cause any less... Continue Reading →

All we need is hope.

It's very important that people hold hope in us where we are growing up. Because when we feel rejected, disowned, demotivated only two words of hope from our people can rev us up, so that we can straighten our crown & give it another go until we get it done. the hope in your mother's... Continue Reading →

More risk you take..freer you become

We often fear responsibilities. It may be imposed on us or it can come as a consequence of the path we chose. No matter how strong & shrewd we are, we just cannot control the gut feeling that "something is going wrong..maybe I'm missing on it". No matter how many people got our back, we... Continue Reading →

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