All we need is hope.

It’s very important that people hold hope in us where we are growing up. Because when we feel rejected, disowned, demotivated only two words of hope from our people can rev us up, so that we can straighten our crown & give it another go until we get it done. the hope in your mother’s eyes when you got zero in maths pushed you to work hard on it, if she had a stern expression on the face you wouldn’t have put so much effort, this might not be exactly your case but this is what happened to me. But after a certain point in time, people lose hope. And that is where your life begins with that hostile situation where you have access to everything.. friends, night outs, partying, but no access to hope. Maybe they expected you to grow up, at a point when you are still not ready to behave according to society’s or anyone else’s standards. Neither you have made a choice regarding what to do. Hold on to your nerves. Strive hard. The world hasn’t come to an end. You should better be prepared for all this. This is your life. Out of the comfort zone. The fun has just begun.


More risk you take..freer you become

We often fear responsibilities. It may be imposed on us or it can come as a consequence of the path we chose. No matter how strong & shrewd we are, we just cannot control the gut feeling that “something is going wrong..maybe I’m missing on it”. No matter how many people got our back, we sleep alone,eat alone,roam around alone,think alone. Because it’s very difficult for someone to understand our feelings because you had made that choice, you walked the wire, took the risk & went the distance. But if you are ready to listen to this impulsive soul..take it. Let the responsibility face you because all it can do is to give you strength. All it can do is to give you more power to challenge everything that comes your way. After all you didn’t come this far just to come this far. The more responsibilities you take ..more freer you become as it unleashes your deep-embedded potential. The more you take it more you unshackle your feet from those fears that used to hold you back. & What you become? Freer. The demand of which brought you this far.